Chiropractic Testimonials

“I feel so much better and more like myself again! I am thrilled to say the least!!”

- Bev M.

“I was dealing with [migraines and stomach problems] on a daily basis and was losing my quality of life…now, I have been pain free since my 2nd or 3rd adjustment. I have my life back…”

- Dade I.

“I have seen amazing results. I would say I’m 95% better from when I walked through the door. Less pain, more energy, better overall lifestyle.”

- Matt B.

“I experienced sharp head pain that came and went plus numbness in my shoulders. I took Advil and Tylenol for pain. I was always worried it would get worse and worried about driving or being far from home. I am very impressed with Dr. Wickstrom and his team cause now I have hardly any pain or numbness plus the sharp pains in my head hardly happen anymore.”

- Karen

“I had trouble sleeping because I had back pain from being on my feet for long hour work days. I tried pain-killers and even soothing baths. Since seeing Dr. Brian, I have little to no back pain after a long workday, so I sleep better. I even have more energy.”

- Tom

“I was experiencing stiffness in my body plus fatigue and acid reflex. I tried over the counter medicine prescription pills, and even vitamins. The combination was making it worse and I had trouble sleeping. Since coming here, I sleep better and my acid reflux has decreased.”

- Sharon

“Dr. Wickstrom has changed my life. My diabetes and high blood pressure had me taking insulin and blood pressure pills every day. My being overweight made it hard for me to exercise or be happy. Now, I’ve lost 34 pounds in 3 months and have stopped taking insulin and half my blood pressure meds.”

- Sally

“I carried continuous neck and back pain for over a decade. My back even locked up on me one day and I could hardly move. After a week or two seeing Dr. Brian I couldn’t believe my eyes upon seeing my back x-rays. I had hardly any pain! River City is a great family oriented place that is relaxed and personal. So different from other chiropractors I’ve seen.”

- Petra

“I had diabetes over 8 years with sore joints and had to use a cane to walk up and down stairs. I too pain pills for my pain plus my diabetes medicine. I never thought chiropractic care could help me, but now I’m no longer a diabetic and I can go up and down stairs normally.”

- Margaret

“Dr. Brian and his team have been a gift! I’ve had chronic neck pain since high school and could barely turn my neck without stabbing pain. I hadn’t had a restful night sleep in so long. I tried everything from massages to pain pills to even other chiropractors. Now, my results amaze me!”

- Kay

“My pain in my mid-upper back plus neck and shoulders prevented me from exercising or going on walks. I had headaches too and tried massage therapy to get rid of the pain, but only brought temporary relief. I highly recommend Dr. Brian, cause now I have no headaches, sleep better, and can go on long walks.”

- Kate

“I had back pain and migraines so severe I was missing work. This turned me into a sleep deprived, overly emotional zombie. I couldn’t train for any triathlons and did not have energy to do hobbies or yard work. I didn’t want to leave my house. Chiropractic changed my life. I liked that Dr. Brian wanted to fix the CAUSE and not just put a band-aid on the pain.”

- Wendy


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