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Chiropractic Spokane Valley WA Nutritional Testing

Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat”? Around here at River City Chiropractic, we believe that’s true! We are proud to offer nutritional testing in Spokane Valley. Food is medicine, and the types of food we put into our bodies directly affects how our bodies function. When we feed our bodies with over processed and sugary foods, we get sick. Symptoms and sickness simply tell us our bodies are stressed. One of the types of stress you may not know about is nutritional stress.

Nutritional Stress Can Result From:

  • Quality of foods you eat
  • Eating over processed foods containing refined sugars, additives, and
  • preservatives
  • A lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • Not staying properly hydrated
  • Using caffeine to get through your energy slumps
  • An inability of your body to digest and absorb nutrients from the food you eat

If you’re clueless on where to even begin, don’t worry we can take it from here. Let us help give you a little guidance. Understanding what food can do not only to your body but for your body is a great first step.

Properly fueling the body with the right vitamins and nutrients it needs is an actual science that people spend years and years trying to master. So don’t feel bad if you don’t know much about nutrition. That’s where our qualified team comes in. We will educate you on the building blocks of nutrition and what it means to use natural, healthy foods in your diet in order to not only promote optimal health, but also prevent disease.


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